Sessions for Vocalists & musicians

When working with a singer or musician the goal is connecting you as deeply to the motor skills needed to perform and also the longevity in your art.  As many musicians know the a-symmetry of playing an instrument often leaves someone with fatigue and sometime pinched nerves from specific movements being repeated too often.  The body then losing some of its needed range of motion for the art to continue.  To align the body and its limbs to ensure more longevity in art itself, our endurance, pain free performing, and enhancement of skill sets the enhancement of skill and knowledge is greatly enhanced.   By having the Structural integration tending to limited range of motion in some parts of the body and for singers the tonal ranges produced by the body are specifically worked with to be able to increase tonal range and also adjust sound depth/girth.  I had a client whom was  a professional opera singer gain one octave higher and 2 octave lower in his professional singing career at the Met.  

Sessions for Vocalists & Musicians


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